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Gray, G. L., Costanzo, F., Evans, D., Cornwell, P., Self, B., & Lane, J. L. (2005). The dynamics concept inventory assessment test: A progress report and some results. In Proceedings of the 2005 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition.

The authors report on their progress in developing the Dynamics Concept Inventory, a MCQ format assessment of 30 questions on concepts used or needed by students in a mechanical engineering dynamics course. The process followed to achieve the final product was thorough, involving polling multiple lecturers of dynamics across several institutions, developing questions, piloting the instrument and going through various phases of refining the instrument. The DCI is available online by contacting the developers through the DCI website.

In this paper, the authors describe the process towards the development of the final version of the instrument and give a list of the concepts involved. They also provide much statistical evidence for the reliability and validity of the instrument. A few items on the test are pulled out for special scrutiny to illustrate clear evidence of misconceptions. The authors are clearly in favour of the test being used in pre-test/post-test format. Their website encourages this format and the DCI developers request that anyone using the test send them the raw data so that they can use the data to further verify the discriminatory power of the instrument.

It would be interesting to run the DCI on one of our cohorts of dynamics students and see if any of the results correlate with our vector assessment results.

Do not treat this blog entry as a replacement for reading the paper. This blog post represents the understandings and opinions of Torquetum only and could contain errors, misunderstandings or subjective views.